I still can’t belive we made it…

Hey! How are you? Did you manage to get back the sleep we cost you?

I wanted to thank you again and tell you that your help and support were of umbelivable value to me. I am really great full for your presence at the birth of Cezara and am only sorry we don't have a photo of all 3 of us girls to capture the moment. I still can’t belive we made it….though it is funny how it all became so blurry afterwards … I have a hard time remembering a lot of things and it is amusing because I really didn’t belive this would happen to me 🙂 We are both fine and in normal parameters for the time being so probably today evening we will go home. It’s both exciting and a little scary. Brestfeeding seems to be going ok, apparently she gained 100 g in one day, soooo I should not worry and trust her feeding instincts.
I hope to hear from you soon. Big hug!